Sensium Vitals is the name of the product and it is a wirelessimage system to monitor patient vital signs.  Normally at least every 6 to eight hours when in the hospital a patients vitals are checked.  Obviously if one were in intensive care this would not be the case but this is rather for patients who are not critical and alerts can be configured to be sent to mobile devices for doctors and nurses.  Patients also can be mobile while being monitored, i.e. being moved from one area to another. 

Thus far at St. Johns Hospital the feedback has been positive as interventions can be made sooner if needed, based on patient’s numbers.  It has a battery life of 5 days and after such time you just throw it away and get another one if needed.  Outside of the hospital development continues for home monitoring and the use of a system as such for clinical trials for pharmaceutical use.  BD    

Toumaz Limited (AIM: TMZ, 'Toumaz', or 'the Group'), a UK-based pioneer in low cost, ultra-low power wireless technology, has started the pilot of its digital vital signs monitor, SensiumVitals, at St. John's Health Center, Santa Monica, California; a major US hospital.

The SensiumVitals monitor is a disposable, ultra-thin plaster imagewhich continuously monitors the patient's heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature whilst in hospital. The monitor significantly increased patient surveillance compared to current practice, which involves manual measurement of vital signs every six to eight hours.

Any deterioration in condition can be detected by the SensiumVitals monitor and dealt with immediately, thereby reducing the number of patients admitted or readmitted to intensive care and the overall hospital spend.

"This disruptive wireless monitoring technology is the world's first FDA cleared and fully disposable vital signs monitoring solution for general use in hospitals. SensiumVitals represents a breakthrough in how patient care is delivered, setting a new, cost effective standard for hospitals and also benefitting patients' recovery.


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