If you read here often enough you know I’m not a big fan of these websites simply because they have so many errors and dump it back on the doctors to have to go to all their various sites and fix their profiles which few of them have time for.  There are better services where they actually opt in and join to where they get something back like an appointment service or other items.  It was not only this site but a few others like Healthgrades who now is owned by a marketing firm so maybe they get marketed better. 

Avvo Physician Rating Service Can’t Get Accurate Information Listed on Doctors - One OC Oncologist Sitting in Jail for Fraud


I guess we shall see if there’s any improvement and the lawyer referral business at Avvo remains as is. 


State boards are part of the issue but to maintain such a site you should be trolling the web everyday to update the data base and every time I visit one of these sites the first or second reference I look up, errors to include being on staff at hospitals doctors have never worked in, dead doctors and so forth.  I used to be a data base person so I have a bit of an idea as to what should be done.  BD



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