Amazing Charts was one of the first EMRs to come on the scene when they were new and actually were around when I was writing my program.  imageBack then there were only a few of us and social networks didn’t exist yet so we all piled around one forum and conversed.  Amazing Charts still has a very active user forum and every time I stop in they always welcome me, a great group of doctors.  Last time I wrote about Amazing Charts goes back to when they created their Ipad application. 

Amazing Charts EHR Now Has An IPad/IPhone Mobile Application

This is interesting as it now puts Pri-Med in the medical records busness and over the years I have been to a few of their conferences here in Anaheim, California and you will find most medical record vendors there along with other educational companies as well as the drug companies, basically anything to do with education and also quite a few device companies maintain booths.  I might bet that Amazing Charts might get preferential treatment on their choice of booths in the future:)  What they want is to make themselves available for doctor feedback and suggestions.  The price for Amazing Charts has always been very minimal and they were one of the first EMRS to offer an off site back up, years ago they that.  I’m sure the extra money will help them along as again it’s hard today to keep the product up to date and affordable at the same time.  Ask any EMR vendor about the money they burn through with the complex programming needed today.  BD 

Boston-based Pri-Med, which provides professional medical education to over 260,000 clinicians, said today it has purchased Amazing Charts, an electronic health records provider to independent medical practices.

Amazing Charts founder Dr. Jonathan Bertman will continue to serve as president, with Kathleen Repoli serving as senior vice president. Other terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Amazing Charts is based in North Kingstown, R.I. The company will operate as an independent subsidiary of Pri-Med.


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