This is just so sad to be having a parade for the veterans and have a train hit the float.  There were 2 floats and the first one went over the train tracks ok and the second float was the one hit by the train. 
The floats were carrying wounded veterans and manyimage were able to jump off the float in time.  This happened in Midland, Texas and is truly a tragedy when the parade is to honor our veteran heroes.    The big question that arises is what was the float doing on the tracks as initial reports said the train’s horn was working as well as the crossing lights.  BD
Dallas News |
DALLAS (AP) — A freight train slammed into a parade float carrying wounded veterans on Thursday, killing four people and injuring 17 others as the float tried to get through a West Texas railroad crossing on its way to an honorary banquet, authorities said.

The locomotive was sounding its horn and people were jumping off the decorated flatbed truck before the collision around 4:40 p.m. in Midland, according to witnesses and Union Pacific spokesman Tom Lange. A preliminary investigation indicates the crossing gate and lights were working, Lange said, though he didn't know if the train crew saw the float approaching

About two dozen veterans and their spouses had been sitting in chairs on the float, set up on the back of a flatbed tractor-trailer decorated with American flags and signs identifying each veteran, photos show.


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