First question asked of course is battery life, which is 90 fun packed minutes of scanning time and it comes with a spare battery pack, so one is good to go for quite a few scans.  Not having cords sounds good. image Siemens bought a company named Penrith and they are the ones who developed the product.  Clinical testing has been completed and the system has it’s own radio system so it can operate at a higher frequency and not interfere with other wireless devices being used.  15 sites have the system currently installed and the product should be available by the middle of next year.  Ok so we have a start here and how many other units will become wireless one has to ask?  BD

With a direct line of sight, the probe can operate 3 meters (9 feet, 10 inches) away from the main system, which means the user can scan a patient standing on the side of the bed opposite the ultrasound unit, Bundy said. The system has a 38-centimeter LED display, he said.

Currently, the system is installed at 15 clinical sites, although Siemens said it did not have permission to name them yet. The company expects the product to be commercially available by the middle of next year. Although it will be shown at RSNA, Bundy said Siemens would not be giving quotes at the show.


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