You may or may not remember this back in 2011 but 2 fans from Los Angeles beat up a San Francisco fan.  The 1.2 million is for what is not covered under the man’s personal insurance.  That’s a lot of moneyimage and after being brutally beaten and spending time in LA, he was transferred to San Francisco where he was treated for a concussion for several months.  He is a father of 2 and ironically a paramedic by profession.  The case accuses former Dodger owner Frank McCourt of letting securing fall to unacceptable levels at the stadium and thus there was nobody there to take any action to stop the attack.  Not too long ago the LA Clippers had to chip in so their coach could have surgery for prostate cancer when the owner of the team declined coverage so it’s a pretty crappy world we live in sometimes.  BD

LA Clippers Team Members Chipped in to Pay for Coach’s Treatment for Prostate Cancer When the Team Owner Declined Coverage

The Los Angeles Dodgers are being asked for a $1.2 million reimbursement by San Francisco General Hospital for extensive brain trauma care given to Bryan Stow, according to reports.

The $1.2 million sum totals the medical bills not covered by Stow's personal medical insurance.

Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, was brutally beaten by two Dodgers fans outside Dodger Stadium following the 2011 season opener between the two teams.


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