The exact locations of all the layoffs is not known, only that the layoffs will be in offices and hospitals from Kern County all the way to the Mexican border.  Some employees could be rehired next year and some imagemay qualify for other open positions in the company.  This is interesting too with the education and retraining program that will be offered that will keep employees paid and insured for up to a year.  If I were one getting laid off this would certainly be the number one option I would look at for sure.  As it goes in healthcare as some areas become automated, openings come up in other areas when jobs are eliminated so taking advantage of being trained in a new area that is growing is certainly an opportunity not to miss. 

A statement made said the layoffs come to be able to keep the company in a position to meet and implement provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  BD

Kaiser Permanente - one of the nation's largest HMOs - will lay off 530 employees in Southern California this weekend, including some in the Inland Empire, a company official has confirmed.
Kaiser Permanente said the layoffs – covering less than one percent of its staffing – will be spread across its 65,700 employee workforce in offices and hospitals from Kern County to the Mexican border. The HMO serves nearly 3.5 million members in Southern California.

In a statement, Kaiser Permanente said health care in America is in the midst of “exciting and challenging” times, and that the company had undertaken cost-reduction initiatives – including layoffs - to ensure it could meet “these changing dynamics.”


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