I had to mention the kettle here as this is not an easy task and what does CMS think they are going to do?  The answer is to update some IT functionality and get the data entered with a pool of slave labor folks as soon as possible imagewith maybe even manually checking all eligibility if not available with other technologies.  It’s kind of funny with CMS and their big blunders that we have witnessed asking the states as to what they intend to do.  I’m sure the states are not sitting on things but have been overwhelmed with all the disruptions created from the Federal Government when they decided to put Healthcare.Gov out there when it was not finished, as that’s the way things go in the data world.  It’s easier to delay and get it done right from the start than what we are doing now.  

HHS and CMS Are Going to Be Digging Their Graves With Flawed Data-Inconsistencies With Obamacare Insurance Information-Lots of Flawed Data, Payback For Opening Healthcare.Gov Before It Was Done..

We’re going to be living with the memories of Sebelius and flawed data for a long time as she had no data mechanics ability and caused this big stupid problem.  BD 

California is one of six states that have been given a Monday deadline to inform CMS how they are going to resolve a backlog of Medicaid applications that has prevented more than one million eligible applicants from receiving coverage under the program, Kaiser Health News' "Capsules" reports.

On June 27, CMS sent a letter to officials in Alaska, California, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri and Tennessee, notifying them that they had 10 working days to provide their response plans.

CMS spokesperson Aaron Albright noted that the states have to submit "updated mitigation plans to address gaps that exist in their eligibility and enrollment systems to ensure timely processing of applications and access to coverage for eligible people."



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