In case you missed it a couple months ago, Oracle purchased BlueKai which aggregates data on consumers, yesimage that data that’s out there about all of us.  BlueKai ties in data from over 200 locations and yes includes Acxiom too as one of the sources.  You can, however, as a consumer opt out of BlueKai and as always Oracle’s use is for business and marketing.  So basically you as a consumer unless related to your business may not show up in a search.  I checked myself and did an opt out and BlueKai had nothing to report on me and for that services you go here to check the registry. 

BlueKai, Compendium, Eloqua, and Responsys are the Oracle products that make up the Oracle marketing cloud.  Marketers can now send personalized push notifications to mobile devices via Oracle Responsys component.   These are all part of the Oracle Social Cloud with their recent integration. 

The video below will give you an idea on how the entire Oracle Social Relation Management tool works.  It’s pretty interesting the way it captures all the internal and client chats.  In addition it can integrate with Outlook.  I have used as an individual Xobni for a while to help search out the web but that is very limited by comparison and they just shut down their servers so now it’s only a desktop application without the LinkedIn and other social networks.  I mention this as having that side bar is very powerful and very helpful with getting things done as that’s what Xobni had and I kind of miss it a bit. 

It’s really a pretty powerful set of tools for the enterprise.  Here’s another video that shows the integration with Outlook with more detail.  I’m so used to writing about servers with Oracle it almost seems odds talking about apps but they have a lot of them and most all integrated via Oracle Fusion that is the middleware that pretty much connects everything. 

Since I have a great number of consumers reading here that may not be familiar with Larry Ellison as they are with Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs, here’s a video that is a documentary on how Larry Ellison and Oracle got started.  Sorting information, was how Oracle was started.  As you hear in the video you are connecting all over the place all the time.  See the competition with IBM.  Larry Ellison is both a coder and a marketer.  The CIA was the first Oracle customer.  In 1986 Oracle went public and was a huge hit.  The next day Microsoft went public.  When you have time, it’s interesting as it does the entire history of Ellison and Oracle in a nutshell. 

When they talk about selling products before they had products, well they are not alone out there but the size of Oracle made it stick out.  It’s definitely a come back company.  At any rate here when think about insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, and banks, they are all using Oracle.  BD

Oracle has hooked up its SRM (social relationship management) software suite to LinkedIn, a move to give marketing and customer support staffers a way to reach the business-oriented social network’s 300 million users.

The LinkedIn integration provides the ability to publish LinkedIn Company and Showcase pages, which can be targeted according to factors such as geographic location, company size and industry, Oracle said in its announcement on Wednesday.

It will also be possible to interact with commenters on these pages, Oracle said. There’s a degree of analytics as well, such as reports on the number of comments a particular posting generated, according to Oracle.

Oracle SRM is just one component of the company’s bevy of software tools aimed at reaching customers imageand prospects through multiple channels, which it built up through a string of acquisitions over the past couple of years.

To that end, also Wednesday Oracle announced a series of enhancements to various components in its marketing cloud product family.

One major update focuses on so-called “look-alike” modeling. This sort of modeling lets marketing teams looking to find new prospects do so by building models based on customers with desirable attributes.

Marketers can then apply the models to Oracle’s BlueKai platform, which aggregates customer profile information from more than 200 data providers. The marketers can sift through the hundreds of millions of profiles BlueKai gives access to and find matches for their look-alike models.


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