They changed the dates on when the claims were made.  This is a manual process as it talksimage about the boxes mail and paper, so this is front running event he scheduling problem.  When you don’t have the staff and resources along with executives wanting their bonus something sadly have to give.  This took place at the VA in Philadelphia.  The whistle blower took pictures of the boxes and then there was a new policy issued that no pictures were to be taken. 

I would say here we are seeing the negative side of “pay for performance” and I don’t know how else you would describe it.  If the numbers can’t physically be met doing your job, it appears that folks were finding a way.   As I said before with the FBI involved it’s going to be yet another case of who done it. 

FBI Enters VA Investigation - Who Figured Out How to Game The Software Scheduling Module that Was Originally Modified To Monitor Quality And Ran It Through the VAGrapevine

The whistle blower says there were thousands affected and some have died waiting for their claims to be processed and the inspector general confirmed her report.  Now this investigation will go nationwide. 

The VA along with other government entities are stuck in “The Grays” and people because others are confused with virtual and real world values and here’s yet one more case.   This is getting old and deadly and there’s no transparency here. 

VA Crisis Just The Tip of the Iceberg As US Needs a Full On Healthcare Culture Change Everywhere To Get Back In Touch With the Real World of Patients…

If you don’t know what “The Grays” are the link below will explain it to you.  We have become a nation of “stat rats” sadly and that’s all that matters anymore, well in the virtual worlds, but if you put fake numbers in virtual values, at the VA you get a bonus. 

Virtual Worlds, Real World We Have A Problem And It’s A Big One With A Lot of Gray Areas Finding Where The Defining Lines Exist, Confusing Many With A Lot of Weird Values And Strange Perceptions…

Visit the Killer Algorithm page and watch some videos if you want to learn how this plays out on servers running 24/7 and see how governments of the past have been pretty royally duped.  Today’s it is even worse and gosh know who in hell with current technologies would even want to run for President as that’s the issues that need to be dealt with, again balancing the virtual and real world and we don’t have that now, too many are duped on virtual values and that’s a reason the economy can’t bounce back either as it rolls from the top with being duped and duped again.  Check out the White House here with putting out numbers that nobody can predict too, it’s an epidemic with living off of fake numbers and people are dying.  It starts all the way at the top.  BD 

WASHINGTON - Some employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs altered records to make it appear that veterans were receiving disability checks faster than they actually were, a key whistle-blower told Congress on Monday night.

The allegations come after investigators found some VA employees had cooked the books on wait times for medical visits.

Kristen Ruell, an employee at the VA's Pension Management Center in Philadelphia, told the House Veterans Affairs Committee that mail routinely "sat in boxes untouched for years" at the pension office. Once, after becoming concerned that unopened mail was being shredded, Ruell opened the boxes and took photos. Instead of addressing the problem, she said, VA supervisors enacted a policy prohibiting taking photos.

Ruell told Andrews the date changes hurt veterans who have waited the longest, because the oldest claims are supposed to handled first.

The VA has set a goal to process all claims within 125 days at 98 percent accuracy in 2015, but so far has fallen far short. The agency now processes most claims within 154 days at a 90-percent accuracy rate, compared with an accuracy rate of 86 percent three years ago, Hickey said. At one point, veterans were forced to wait an average nine to 10 months for their disability claims to be processed.


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