Ok here’s one more to add to the VA Saga.  He was unconscious and flown to a Lexington VA facility.  He’s only 46 years old.  His wife was given an official time of death but he’s still alive.  The hospital said he had no pulse, so she goes back insideimage and he’s alive.  She also abided by her husband’s wishes to take him off life support so did the hospital just decide at that point to declare him dead before he had a chance to die?

Four days later he’s still alive, squeezing his wife’s hand, blood pressure is holding well and opened his eyes when she asked him to. 

They can’t get a straight answer from the hospital other than a canned statement that makes no reference to the situation.  I could maybe understand if they didn’t expect him to live and would be telling the family such, but to give a time of death when he had not died yet?  This is a strange one for sure with the wife going back in and seeing a heartbeat on the devices and blood pressure going strong.  The human body can do some strange things including short of miracles too so again why give out an official time of death when it had occurred.  Now the VA has had its issues all over but I’ll like to see what the real story was here on this one.  bD

One More VA Problem Emerges Outside of Appointment Scheduling - Employees Were Told to Change the Date On Veterans’ Claims From the Start-”The Grays” Continue to Haunt And Do Harm…

A central Kentucky family says the V-A hospital in Lexington made a major mix-up when it declared their loved one dead. The man was and still is alive and the family now wants answers. WLEX's Josh Breslow reports.



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