I decided to put on the Medical Quack as I have been taking Protandim now for around 45 days and it is making a difference with how I feel, sleep and with my knees.  I’m not an easy sell but what did I have to lose so I tried it and I have taken all kinds of vitamins over the years and I do have to say this is different.  The only other supplement I have taken and been impressed with is the enzyme CO Q10, which some doctors now recommend to their patients who take statins. 

Below the video from ABC Prime Time that was responsible for really launching the product and it was funny when I saw the video I remembered it.  I write enough here about drug approvals, issues etc. so I’m not out to push and sell something I don’t think is worth it.  I would not say a word of course without being a test person myself.  Watch the video and see what you think.  There’s no claim to cure any disease here at all but if you search the web you’ll find people who swear it has done some magical things.  Hey if it’s working for them, who am I to say anything different.  The product was sold over the counter for a number of years until it went to multi-level marketing. 

I know people may run away or want to get signed up when they hear this so I decided to put my link up here for those who may like the product and just want to order.  I won’t chase you to be a distributor but if you are interested, then you can contact me and it does have a good pay plan.  When you go to the site, there’s a place to contact me on this.  If you want to order the products, just use the link on the right hand side and you’re off to just order the product. 

Protandim has had all kinds of press all over the place from all the major media outlets and you can search YouTube and find more if you like as well.   PBS did a nice story on Protandim as well and I’ve embedded it below.  Life Advantage even has products for your dog and my dog is not there yet:)  I have even ran across some doctors who are selling the product.  Here’s another video that you might find interesting about the Protandim Ohio State Heart Study. 

Again, I’m not going to say there’s miracle cures here at all, but I can tell you I sleep better, pain in my knees is gone and I have more energy.  That’s good enough for me and if there are more benefits to yet show up , that’s also ok with me. 

Here’s the link and again it’s always on the right hand side as well.  There’s all kinds of additional products for skin care too, but the main product is the the Nrf2 Synergizer, Protandim.  The stiffness in my knees seems to be gone and the better sleep is great.  BD 


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