NueMD is a valued advertiser at the Medical Quack and are announcing a new upgrade that will stand to simplify the reimbursement process and who doesn’t want that.  Below is a message from the CEO of the company.  Nice how they are all using Ipads to show how mobility works with their systems.  Visit the NueMD website for more information.  As a reminder you can always find the link to the NueMD website to the right on the Medical Quack along with my other values advertisers and sponsors.  BD

The folks over a NueMD recently announced a major upgrade to their medical software for small practices. This update, dubbed NueMD 4.0, brings a refreshed look and feel and streamlined ease-of-use to their medical billing and EHR software. NueMD’s CEO, Massoud Alibakhsh, said the following about the implications of the release: “NueMD 4.0's new look and feel reflects all the changes and enhancements that have been going on for the last six years.

These enhancements are mainly focused on simplifying complicated reimbursement processes, but at the same time, it sets the stage for our mobile strategy.”

Upcoming mobile enhancements include a mobile EHR for Android and an app designed to help providers communicate with billers while trying to resolve claim denials.


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