In the very same town residents are allowed to have one pot bellied pig, so does he have tooimage many ducks maybe?  Is the city trying to make a few dollars.  Maybe then can come to some type of agreement that will make everyone happy.  You can see the ducks have their area to where they are maintained and just sit there and quack along.

Sure it makes me feel good to see a human hug a duck as I think all folks could hug a duck, why not.  Maybe if he could reduce the number of ducks?  I don’t know how much noise they are making or if that’s  part of the problem but heck they’re in the wild and are everywhere. 

The vet was injured in war and under the care of the VA and it’s motivating the Vet to do something and the vet was in Iraq and came home with a major back injury and has had surgery and has some depression related to pain.  I do have to say the ducks look happy!   He even picks them up as well.  From what you can see in the video there’s plenty of room and it’s not like keeping 14 ducks in an apartment if you will.  Here’s a story from a couple years back, this truck driver takes his duck on the road with him and every loves it:)

Everyone Should Have a duck to Ride Shotgun!

The VA even sent a letter recommending he keep the ducks as they are good therapy.  Why do people have to be such pain in the ass?  Why don’t they come visit the ducks?  BD 


— Darin Welker is facing a citation and a hearing in Coshocton Municipal Court for owning 14 ducks, as they are in violation of a village ordinance.

Welker, who lives on Grandview Street in West Lafayette, was cited June 23 with a minor misdemeanor. He said he uses the ducks for therapy after being wounded in 2005 in Iraq and should be allowed to keep them.

Welker said he has a letter from the Mental Health Department of the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs recommending he keep the ducks.

“I came back (from Iraq) with a major back injury, and between the back injury and the (post-traumatic stress disorder) that I also brought home, there were numerous problems,” Welker said.

In 2012, the VA paid for a surgery to Welker’s back but did not approve the physical therapy recommended by his surgeon, nor did it provide mental therapy, Welker said.

Welker acquired his ducks in March when they were just days old. He had first heard the idea of using ducks as therapy weeks before and thought it wouldn’t hurt to try, he said.


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