If you have not read about Theranos it’s the “new labs” company emerging that requires only one drop of blood andimage provides tests at a cost of around half of what Medicare would charge.  Arizona has been the pilot market with partnering with Walgreens drug stores where “Wellness Centers” have been placed.  They look somewhat like a retail clinic in a way with their own separate areas in the stores.  The original and first store location was in Palo Alto and as far as I know that is the only California location to date with the rest of their locations being in Arizona.

Theranos Opens 2 Wellness Centers in Phoenix Walgreens Drug Stores- Express Blood Tests at Half the Cost of What Medicare Pays

Now they have around 25 locations in the state and the reception has been good, and good enough to where the company will be setting up area offices.  Of all the companies that have originated in the Silicon Valley in the last few years, Theranos is by far a “people” product and service and not just more software.  I remember telling my friends in Phoenix about the company and their labs when the first two branches opened.  Here’s a more in depth look at the link below. 

Theranos On The Road To Expansion and Growth - Changing the Face of Medical Lab Tests, One Small Drop of Blood

In addition, any physician that wants to get started with the company can do do on a mail in basis for the lab tests and again the beauty of it all is one drop of blood can do many tests and I can’t think of anyone, self included who likes sitting there for big blood draws as they are done elsewhere.  You can go here to view the prices on the test menus.  image

“Since we can run a full range of assays on a single micro-sample, you can specify follow-on tests to run automatically if certain results are out of range. This can save your patient another trip to the lab, help avoid prophylactic decision-making and unnecessary prescriptions, and help you properly diagnose conditions.

A major consumer healthcare innovator shaping the future of lab testing will plant a significant flag at SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center.

Theranos, based in Palo Alto, Calif., has leased a 20,000-square-foot wing at SkySong 3, making it one of the largest tenants in the entire SkySong project. Beating all expectations, SkySong 3 is now over 80% leased as it nears its opening later this summer.

The move by Theranos means hundreds of jobs will be created at SkySong in the short term, with that figure increasing significantly as the company continues to grow.

Founded in 2003 by Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos is working to shape the future of lab testing and the way health information is collected, analyzed, and communicated. Theranos, in the words of one media outlet, “could turn the diagnostics industry upside down” and has the potential to save Arizona taxpayers $1.3 billion dollars over the next decade. Their service provides Phoenix-area consumers with convenient access to less invasive and more affordable clinician-directed lab testing from blood samples as small as a few drops collected from a tiny finger stick. Theranos has a national partnership with Walgreens and has been rolling out its Wellness Centers inside Walgreens stores across the U.S., including 25 locations and counting in central Arizona.



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