Well it looks like there’s a new way to determine if some are really dead doctors on Healthgrades, on staff at the hospital stated, and again a way to separate the click bait for ads that Healthgrades has grown to be, along with Vitals, same thing.  The amazing thing here is that AthenaHealth funded Vitals as a start up too, it’s in the same boat with being click bait and full of imageerror and really just better off not being around if they don’t fix things.  If they want to do just a simple “yellow page” type listing, then fine, but that’s not what you find there.  Even the MD who has Ebola, which is very sad thing, still shows on Healthgrades, open for business in Dallas. 

If Healthgrades is the #1 Patient Website, we’re all in trouble for sure with the groves and groves of flawed data.  I tell doctors to go look themselves up here and there and the are just appalled at the huge errors in their own data.  If I were a doctor, why mess with such a mess I would think. 

Doctors pretty much hate those sites as they are so riddled with errors with the fact that some are dead, some are retired, the insurance is never accurate, doctors are show being on staff at hospitals where they have never set foot in.  In addition when there are revoked licenses and other very public events, it never makes it to either one of these sites.  Here’s a great example of a surgeon who worked at the VA and came under fire and 4 years prior he lost his license in New York, never a sanction mentioned.  These are just the bottom feeder MD referral businesses on the internet and have been since I found them 4 years ago and had a nice chat with the AMA and nothing has improved and actually the flaws in their data keeps getting worse.  Healthgrades merged with a marketing company and that’s all that got better was the marketing. 

Top Doctor For Miami VA Healthcare System Lost Medical License in New York, Had Issues With Florida Board of Medicine, But On the Internet He Still Works and Takes New Patients in New York With Plenty of Insurers…

Athenahealth puts out a nice medical records system and I’m sure with the money they put out to fund Vitals it’s a like a sore imagethumb that just won’t quit and embarrassment to the the rest of what they do and now this even adds a bit more to the fire seeing some work with Healthgrades here to try and make their site a “tiny” bit better.  Again to book an appointment the site will have to reference the AthenaHealth data base to see if they are in fact alive or dead.  Here’s a couple more blunders and how bad they are from the Quack archives.  I exert no energy hardly to even find them, so obvious 

Operation Spinal Cap-Former Owner of Orthopedic Hospital Admits He Bribed California State Senator Calderon-Hospital Closed And Sold But Still Listed on Healthgrades
Jacob Reider To Lead the ONC Until New Leader Is Appointed–Visit His Page on Healthgrades Showing He’s Still Open For Business To See Patients, Along With Links to Dead Doctors, Some On Staff At Hospitals They Have Never Set Foot In And More…
Flawed Data With Physician and Hospital Rating Sites- Want To Go See Michael Jackson’s Former Dermatologist? Vitals and Healthgrades Says He’s Still There - Not…Flawed Data & Algorithms Persist…
Nose Doctor on the Run Found Living in a Tent at the End of a Glacier in Italy, Admitted Fraud Still Listed on Some MD Referral Sites
Healthgrades And Other MD Rating and Referral Sites List “Dead Doctors” on Their MD Information Pages And Even Include the Insurance Plans the “Dead Doctors” Honor

This kind of cracks me up here with Healthgrades being in the the Athena “More Disruption Please” program…as there’s been tons of flawed disruption and no fixes for at least 4 years that I have been blogging about Healthgrades and Vitals.  When you look at the More Disruption page there’s good companies with good technologies on there as well though and their own funded “Vitals” in in there too.  image

What happened here was the business plan was a “fail” in the fact that both thought doctors would just come running to those two sites by the groves and it never happened and thus the “cheap” methodology to keep updated information on doctors failed and became more of a joke than anything.  It’s the same thing we get as consumers wanting us to fix all the flawed data out there about us on “our” ticket while data gets sold and banks and corporations make billions so Healthgrades and Vitals might be selling some data too as well as maintaining their “click bait” statuses for ad revenue.  Below is some information a MD pulled and wait till you see the results… BD

1 that was not a cardiologist at all, 3 with cancelled licenses, and 1 that retired going on 20 years ago, 61% accuracy, with a check of Cardiology  zip code 79109.

The other 39% were:

18%      More than 50 miles away (credentials of these doctors were not verified, so could have more problems here)

8%       License cancelled  (one was cancelled as far back as 2001, two were cancelled by the Texas Medical Board)

2.5%     Address Wrong

2.5%     Retired (in 1998 !!)

2.5%     Never licensed in Texas

2.5%     Moved

2.5%    Not a Cardiologist.  (MD runs a weight loss clinic, no education beyond 1 year internship and not boarded in any ABMS specialty)

Denver, CO (July 25, 2014) – Healthgrades, the leading online resource for comprehensive information about physicians and hospitals, today announced that it has partnered with athenahealth (NASDAQ: ATHN) through athenahealth’s More Disruption Please (MDP) program.  The new partnership will enable the nearly one million people a day who come to Healthgrades to look for a physician to easily book an appointment with athenahealth’s network of more than 55,000 health care providers.

The offering will bring added efficiencies to physician practices by helping front office staff save time and improve accuracy, drive new appointment requests, and increase awareness among patients. The offering is fully automated, enabling patients to view appointment availability and book appointments from Healthgrades. The information is then directly added into physicians’ schedules on athenahealth’s network.



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