Is Congress creating the crisis by no adverting physician pay cuts?  Would you want your salary at work to be reduced back to what you made in 1991?  It is already difficult for many seniors to find a physician and this certainly does not help the cause..

The American Medical Association (AMA) National House Call campaign visits New Mexico and urges residents to help press Congress to stop scheduled Medicare cuts. Unless Congress intervenes, Medicare will slash physician payments 15 percent over the next two years beginning on Jan. 1, 2008. "Payments to physicians aren't keeping pace with the costs of practicing medicine, and our concern is that, as shown in the government's own data, seniors are already finding it more difficult to find a new physician," said AMA Immediate Past President William G. Plested III, MD. "According to MedPAC, the government commission that advises Congress on Medicare issues, 24 percent of Medicare patients who are looking for a new primary care physician are having trouble finding one.

AMA Urges Congress To Stop Medicare Cuts


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