Interesting story on how this doctor went to work for another doctor versus retiring...and still was able to care for his same patients...BD 

I can't say that my employees Betty who handled the front-office and Ellie who assisted me in back didn't give plenty of notice when they said they planned to retire. In fact, I had six full months to contemplate what to do next. But I faced a dilemma: I didn't want to retire along with my employees, yet the thought of rebuilding a staff was daunting. Betty had been with me for 27 years, typing my office notes, doing billing and collections, handling insurance problems, making appointments, and dealing very professionally with the public. Ellie, who had worked for me for 11 years, was just as patient-centric. She handled traffic flow, assisted me with female exams, drew blood, and did basic lab work. Both women saw to it that I didn't fall too far behind schedule when my fondness for chatting made me forget the clock.

Don't retire: Get a job - This sixtysomething internist faced a no-win dilemma: rebuild his practice or dismantle it. Then he came up with a third option. - Medical Economics


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