We are all familiar with You Tube, and Sketchcast is very similar, but the difference here is the ability to share you sketching's with the rest of the world...obviously having a tablet pc is the key to use this service, although you can use a mouse, but let's face it, how creative can you be with a mouse..not very.  The site has some postings already and is the same as most sites that feature uploads, you need to create an account and go from there.  I'm not sure exactly what I would want to draw since my artist skills are not the best by any means, but looking at the site has given me some ideas..at any rate a nice way to to a short instruction setting maybe?  or just a more personalized way to communicate with others..it records the audio too so that helps a bit in telling folks what you are doing...very interesting site to say the least...BD

i wish i had a tablet

i wish i had a tablet - Sketchcast.com


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