Is this another bad contain costs...with off the shelf disease management programs...large companies can mold such a project, but small employers get the "boxed" deal from their carriers and the recommended outsource companies who provide this, many either owned or funded by the insurance companies...bottom line is that your employer is going to want to know how "diseased' you are...BD 

Nearly all large employers provide health benefits; more than half of small employers do not. And the difference in size and sophistication largely determines an employers ability to control health care costs. The most popular means for doing so, at least as reported in a recently published report by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Research and Educational Trust, is to manage the health of employeessomething that large employers are turning to in increasing numbers.

Small companies, meanwhile, purchase disease management as part of their health insurance. With a less focused approach, participation rates are lower.We are not falling off a cliff,” he says, “but we are facing a slow and long-term erosion of our employer-based system.”

To contain costs, companies have turned to disease management over consumer-directed health plans, higher employee cost sharing and tighter managed care networks, according to the Kaiser report.

More Employers Turn to Disease Management |


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