Survey Says........this one we have not seen...physicians ranking the insurance carriers...consumers have had the opportunity, but not the practices that work with the red tape and administrative heavy paperwork required...and we have seen just about every type of ranking of physicians out there...MDs speak your part...BD 

Several health insurers offer tools that rank physicians, and now one Texas medical society has a response: a survey, to be released after Sept. 14, designed to allow doctors to rate health insurers. Some insurers say they applaud any opportunity for improved communication, but will wait to see the survey before offering more specific comments. "Our physician members have decided to rate the six largest health insurance companies in Harris [County, Texas] and surrounding counties," says Michael Kelly II, president of the Harris County Medical Society (HCMS). "The goal of this initial survey is to recognize the areas of good performance and uncover issues that need to be addressed by the health insurance companies." The society declines to disclose specific data to be gathered by the survey.

Medical Society Turns the Tables and Asks Doctors to Rate Health Insurers


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