I'm sorry but this is one step too far...as I understand when you discuss something like a restaurant, ads will appear for restaurants...ok for the medical spin on this...let's say you are talking to a friend or family member about some recent lab tests or health issues...will there be ads popping up to further deluge you with pharmaceutical ads, or sites to help you buy some other relative product?  Will men be over run with even more Viagra commercials and women..more on hormone replacement ads, pregnancy tests, osteoporosis...etc..?  It's like Google ads on huge does of steroids...(Google ads are fine on web sites, but this is going over what most normal folks would want to tolerate). 

Ok if this isn't bad enough, the article states they hope to expand the service to cell phone!!  After a conversation ads would appear on the screen of your cell phone!  After thinking about this it just might encourage me to stop talking...period...and save my phone calls for use on my old land line, at least at this point I don't have to worry about ads on screens...yet...BD 

NEW YORK - A startup has come up with a new way to make money from phone calls connected via the Internet: having software listen to the calls, then displaying ads on the callers' computer screens based on what's being talked about. ADVERTISEMENT For instance, a caller talking about going for dinner might see ads to local restaurants and restaurant review sites, while someone pondering whether to buy a new computer might see ads for computer stores. Relevant unsponsored links also appear.

Relevant ads appeared when this reporter talked about restaurants and computers, but the software was oddly insistent that he should seek a career as a social worker, showing multiple ads and links pointing to that field.

New service eavesdrops on Internet calls - Yahoo! News


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