New product on the market, usb device that plugs in to your pc, connect your analog phone line and it's $19.95 per year...just went live on the web site for the reviews on the site for additional information.  Interesting new product with a review from CNBC..BD

Who says the TED conference is only about movie stars and old basketball players? According to MarketWatch columnist Herb Greenberg, TED will be the official launching pad for MagicJack, a USB-based VoIP offering from telecom vet Dan (Tel-Save) Borislow that could make Skypes simple setup look like calculus. According to the just-live MagicJack website, the main magic appears to be an oversized-looking thumb-drive thingy with a USB connector on one end, and an analog phone jack on the other

MagicJack, Simpler VoIP than Skype? « GigaOM


  1. I've tried to contact Mr. Borislow via his blogspot pertaining to his magicjack but his address doesn't work. Anyone know what one works because I'm experimenting with it and his techies aren't much help. Thanks!

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