New technology for removing plaque from blood vessels...the difference from existing technologies is the ability to remove hard calcified plaque along with other types with an orbiting action.  The web site has quite a few videos and a pretty large concentration of additional information. From the press release, it appears the major medical centers are adopting this technology quickly.  BD

ViperWire" Guide Wire * Specifically designed for the Diamondback 360° System to achieve maximum performance * Available in intermediate and firm

The Diamondback 360° System uses the principle of centrifugal force. As crown rotation increases, centrifugal force presses the eccentrically mounted, diamond-coated crown against the stenotic lesion, removing a thin layer of plaque. The increasing crown orbit creates a larger lumen — minimizing procedure time and expense of catheter upsizing.

Within 48 hours of clearance, major medical centers across the country began adopting the new technology. The first doctors successfully completing procedures included Lou Lopez MD, St. Joseph Hospital, IN; Tom Davis MD, Detroit Medical Center, MI; Khusrow Niazi MD, Emory Crawford Long Hospital, GA; P.K. Khanna MD, Eisenhower Hospital, CA; and Daniel Dulas MD, Mercy Medical Center, MN. Dr. Tom Davis of Detroit Medical Center explains, "Up until now, we have not had an effective tool for treating heavily calcified vessels ... this technology is a significant breakthrough for treating PAD. The Diamondback 360 allows me the ability to offer my patients almost instantaneous improvement in restoring mobility and/or healing wounds." Dozens of patients were treated successfully within the first couple of weeks of release.


Cardiovascular Systems Inc. - Diamondback 360°

Press release:

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