How do many preventive health tests get started...are many not started with an annual physical?  Do we not want to pay doctors for this service?  I would think this falls into the category of wellness?  BD

WASHINGTON - The customary annual physical checkup at the doctor's office may not be worth the time or money, researchers said on Monday. About 63 million U.S. adults visit a doctor annually for a routine medical or gynecological checkup at a total cost of $7.8 billion, according to a study intended to help answer questions about the value of this trip to the doctor's office.

"I'm not saying that preventive care itself is not helpful. It is clearly helpful — mammograms, pap smears, cholesterol screening, colon cancer screening, prostate cancer screening. And patients should get those. But does it need to happen at this special visit? Or can we get it some other way?" he said.

Value of annual checkup questioned - Health Care -


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