Virtual Insurance....Even more minimalist is companies’ paying nothing, leaving employees with the whole premium....... companies can offer coverage through a payroll deduction and might be able to arrange group rates.

New term...virtual insurance...just the sound of this term gives me the jitters...BD 

HEALTH insurance premiums have been rising faster than the rate of inflation for years. Lack of health coverage has become a major issue in the presidential race. Yet somehow, 59 percent of small businesses provide some kind of insurance, according to a recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. True, that percentage was down from 68 percent just six years ago, says the foundation, a health policy research group that conducted the study of more than 3,100 employers. But many businesses still offer coverage, especially professional firms, mostly because of competition for employees, said Gary Claxton, a vice president at Kaiser. How do they afford it? By cutting benefits and shifting more costs onto their workers. There are also newer insurance products geared to this market:

To Keep Health Plans, Many Firms Shift Costs - New York Times


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