Personality tests now could be included in order for physicians to purchase some mal practice policies...need to ace this one for sure...BD 

Are physicians risk takers? Are they influenced by what others think of their behavior? Some medical liability insurers want to know and are quizzing doctors on their bedside manner in hopes of reducing medical liability claims.

In a 15-minute online test, doctors must respond to statements that gauge how they view themselves and how they believe others view them.  Insurers point to a host of studies over the past decade linking physicians' communication skills -- or lack thereof -- to the potential for getting sued. They see the test as one way to predict and possibly curb that risk.

APAC spokeswoman Cathy Burke said doctors who do "well" on the test tend to have fewer claims filed against them, according to an internal survey of 1,200 policyholders

AMNews: Oct. 1, 2007. Medical liability insurers adding personality tests to application process ... American Medical News


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