Very good observations from the top of one of today's technology leaders...puts the facts straight out there...something that politicians fails to do today.  Sure wish we had someone running for office that had more than the "average" technology skills...but I guess we are more than likely a long way from that he mentions, the presidential candidates are more concerned with illegal immigration rather than attracting people with technology expertise...

I can relate to this being a consultant in healthcare, and there are some very exceptional individuals trying to lead the pack, but we need more of them, and more so than this, we need acceptance of technology as all of us in healthcare are constantly battling those "who resist and do not want change" even when it makes life better and has life saving potential. 

To further illustrate this from my own experiences, sometimes I have felt like a "machine gun" sales representative knocking at the door.  The "gatekeeper" at the front door of the business tells me "we are too busy to see any sales people today", we have a battle going on.  With a birds eye view, I can see the battle going on behind the door, folks with swords and shields fighting it out, with old techniques and equipment engrossed in a huge battle with swords....and by not taking a little time to review potential solutions, the solution they need for a very quick resolution is over looked and turned away as the machine guns would make very quick work of all this. 

This is a very simplified pictorial here, but mentioned to simply make the point of how technology solutions are overlooked and not given a chance, instead more swords and shields will be purchased as the solution, and resolution is continually eroded until the day someone on the other side of the door does something....perhaps called listening and gaining a little education and knowledge, but the cycle is still not complete as the word needs to spread to others...and thus a break through has taken place, but how long before the masses embrace the words of one sole messenger....I think we all know the answer to that one. 

Think about the comments below.."in other countries it is cheaper to hire new employees than to provide healthcare benefits for American workers".. a big potential wake up statement for all working in healthcare today...BD 


The US will lose thousands of jobs to low-cost countries unless companies reduce soaring healthcare expenditure urgently, Craig Barrett, chairman of Intel, the chip maker, warned on Thursday.

Mr Barrett said failure to curb the $2,000bn annual healthcare bill would compromise the global competitiveness of the US economy. “Healthcare is the Achilles heel of the US in terms of competitiveness,” said Mr Barrett in an interview with the Financial Times.

He said healthcare costs for US companies were so high that it was cheaper for some to hire new employees in a low-cost country than to pay for healthcare benefits for American workers and their families.

The Intel chairman said companies, hospitals and doctors should make greater use of information technology, starting with measures such as the provision of digital health records.

Intel has made little progress in selling to the healthcare sector since creating a digital healthcare division in 2005 and Paul Otellini, its chief executive, has criticized the industry for its resistance to change.


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