Keep an eye out on which vitamins you purchase today..this company has been around for many years and used to be an account of mine many years back..hope everything gets worked out ...BD 

Leiner Health Products, a drug maker that produces store brand over-the-counter medications and vitamins for retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, CVS and others, has been accused by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) of falsifying and manipulating test results on its products. The accusations led the FDA to raid the companys Fort Mill, South Carolina manufacturing facility earlier this month. The FDA is investigating the California-based company to see if it committed criminal violations of the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Another employee told the FDA that it was “just common knowledge” that impurities found in products could be ignored.

Leiner Health Products Accused of Falsifying Tests on Store Brand Drugs Sold by Wal-Mart, Others. FDA says Defective Drugs Should Have Been Recalled.


  1. It is Leiner's culture that Sr. Management (including HR) covers up things, and the biggest motivator for them is their bonus', which obviously, they're willing to do anything to get it. This is why they don't document thing much, because it could be used against them for wrong-doings.

    An employee (but looking to get out)

  2. Leiner's top management (i.e Robert Kaminski(CEO), Robert Reynolds(COO), Patrick Dunn(QA/QC), and John Kelly(HR) are all to blame for covering up many issues, not just this one. An in-depth audit of Leiner's practices and procedures should be done (look in their books, and records).

    An employee of Leiner Health Products

  3. Thanks to all of you for adding your comments. We all want good food supplements to purchase and have the confidence that we are purchasing a good product by all means.

  4. I worked at Leiner's Wilson facility (AKA the red-headed stepchild). Our facility could never do anthing right for Kaminski, Dunn, etc. However, we removed a warning letter that the facility received, after Dunn and Monreal pissed the inspectors off. We continued by reducing our observations each and everytime we were inspected by the agency. Heck, we even had Ms. McCarver at our facility and she was quite happy with us. We only received 4 observations (2 pages). However, when the "golden facility" was inspected by the same woman they received 19 observations (21 pages). The only people to blame, in Ft. Mill, were the people in charge of validation, new product development, QA/QC and compliance. Just a small handful of people in Ft. Mill and the "Big Boys" in California screwed an entire company and their employees. If Kaminski, Dunn and the other "big boys" are reading this ...... I hope they throw your butts in jail and fine the living crap out of you.

  5. I worked at Leiner, Garden Grove facility for 7 years. It was a good company.. but everyone knew the management was terrible and was the blame for what happened here. Of all the money that was made, nothing was invested back into this company to insure the methods were compliant. I understand a whistle-blower brought this company down, but it was bound to happen in a matter of time. There were some real A-holes that ran this company. People were promoted to positions that were not qualified/worthy of.. but because the were part of the "good ole boys club" the did what the hell they wanted.
    In a way, I am glad their party was brought to a hault.. but sad at the same time a bit sad because a lot of innocent people were involved and lost jobs. People's lives were changed over this foolishness.

    The company is now owned and operated by Natures Bounty (NBTY). Better, who knows. Prior to the acquisition of NBTY, Leiner was in the process of righting a lot of wrongs.. but of course by this time, it was a little too late.

  6. I worked for Leiner, Fort Mill SC for about three years. It felt like we would get in trouble for finding defects, because the high up management (plant manager) would find a way to make you look like you just didnt understand what you were doing, and then override your findings. I dont know about you, but I wouldnt take a vitamin that had black mold spots all over it!
    A lot of people who didnt have higher education were pretty much screwed. Luckily I had two degrees so it was easy to find work for me. The higher up corporate managers had the nerve to come down and lie to us about the status of the company ("oh no guys dont worry we are not going out of business), just so that people would work till the very end and get cheated out of severance by the time the bankruptcy went through. So glad I got out in time.


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