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Wal-Mart said this morning it was expanding its $4-a-month generic drug program, adding about seven new compounds including generic versions of the widely used heart medication Coreg and the anti-fungal drug Lamisil.  In all, the company said its $4 generic plan would now total 361 prescriptions, an increase of about 30 prescriptions.

Coreg, used to treat congestive heart failure and hypertension, became available in this country as a generic earlier this month. Wal-Mart, which said its price of the brand-name version had been $119, said that its availability as a $4 meant that customers would be saving $115 a prescription.

Savings with Lamisil, which had an average price of a month ago of $337 for the branded version, will be even greater under the $4 generic program, the company noted.

Wal-Mart Adds Drugs to $4 Program - New York Times


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