This woman lives in Australia and is planning a trip to the Philippines where she can "buy" a kidney legally to stay alive...BD 

NO one should have to make the impossible choice facing Vicki Pascual: to risk death waiting for a kidney transplant or to buy one from a poor Filipino. For almost three years, Ms Pascual's health has been steadily deteriorating as she waits on dialysis. The 40-year-old and her fiance, Brent Jones, who are getting married in November, fear if they don't take drastic steps she will become too sick for a transplant or die. They are planning to go to the Philippines, where it is legal to buy human organs - unlike in Australia. The couple are researching Filipino hospitals and doctors, who will find a paid donor who is a good match and perform the transplant.

It is illegal to buy or sell human organs in Australia, so desperate patients travel to more lenient countries, such as China, the Philippines and Turkey for a transplant.

Woman plans to buy kidney to stay alive |

Hat Tip:  Kevin, MD


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