A service whereby doctors can make additional money during their "off hours"...BD 

CHERI ELLISON-CARROLL did not know where to turn when a red rash raced up her leg late one night while she was on a business trip in Phoenix last spring. Scheduled to give a keynote speech early the next morning, she didnt want to sit in the emergency room all night. So she picked up the phone and had a doctor sent to her hotel room.

A new kind of medical practice is flourishing nationwide that offers to go to where the patients are — whether a home, an office or a hotel — to treat ailments as diverse as a sprained ankle or a bad case of bronchitis. Some services may even wheel in a mobile X-ray machine or an ultrasound machine, depending on the ailment, or perhaps pull out kits to test for strep throat or to draw blood. They may dole out medication on the spot or arrange for pharmacies to deliver prescriptions.

Inn-House Doctor is a service available to hotels/inns, individuals and conferences.  She called My Home Doctor a second time when her daughter had a respiratory infection. Ms. Leeds said she was trying to convince her H.M.O. to reimburse her for emergency visits for the two separate $300 fees she paid.

Retro Medicine: Doctors Making House Calls (for a Price) - New York Times



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