We have read the various posts about United, well enter the Blue plans...I think people would have a much better response to such programs if wellness were the ultimate goal rather than just saving money...no wonder it's hard to trust anyone these days...if our fellow citizens had our best interest at heart...well it would be a different story...but the reality is that it all revolves around cost...and they state it is about wellness...Wellness is a good idea when presented properly and people educated likewise, but to tie it in with your employer as a way of force feeding is not perhaps the best mechanism...

Sure we want to lead good lives and be healthy, but if some of the information about our plight falls in to the wrong hands and denies health claims, how secure does one feel about participating.  BD 

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's deeper move into wellness and care management follows a major movement in health care today.  Today, McPhee said, "it's all about wellness."

A growing number of employers are adding wellness components to their employee health plans as a way to control escalating costs.

Maggie McPhee sees the movement in the fewer employers this year that made major changes in their benefit packages.



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