Done on an outpatient basis, but may not be covered yet by some insurance companies...good new though if this can have the ability to either post pone a hip replacement or eliminate it all together.  BD 

The Cardinal Orthopaedic Institutes' Kenneth J. Westerheide, MD is one of the only Ohio surgeons trained to perform a new outpatient procedure called hip arthroscopy. For those suffering from serious hip pain, this procedure may postpone the need for hip replacement surgery or eliminate it altogether. Dr. Westerheide recently performed arthroscopy on both hips of Ohio kindergarten teacher Helen Raines.

The doctor was out-of-network and her insurance refused to cover the procedure. It was through her appeals process with the insurance company that she found Dr. Westerheide - 18 months after the onset of her pain.

"This procedure is common among active individuals in their 30's and 40's, although I've treated athletes as young as 19," said Dr. Westerheide. "Patients generally experience quicker recovery time and the degree of risk is less than that associated with a hip dislocation procedure, where a large incision can compromise blood flow."

Cardinal Orthopaedic Institute Offers New Procedure For Hip Pain


  1. Hip arthroscopy, similar to knee arthroscopy--- for arthritis, does not work well and typically does not delay the need for a joint replacement. A Hip Arthroscopy for a labral tear, similar to a mensical tear in the knee---tends to work very well.
    I can't imagine this guy is the only doc in OH performing these. Insurance plans have been covering the procedure for years. This particular surgeon may simply be out-of-network.

  2. I went back and looked at the way the article was worded, "one of the only Ohio surgeons trained", so it does look a little strange, as if he is one of a group trained, then it would perhaps indicate there are others...good point and perhaps the Cardinal facility could be out of network too as the article suggested with regard to the one patient mentioned. Thank you for the input that clarifies the more appropriate use for this type of surgery too. Comments and feedback are always appreciated!


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