Smaller community and private hospitals are the victims...not being able to compete with the larger chains....and that leaves us the patients, fewer places to go, but I don't think our population here is decreasing by any means...BD 

Nearly two dozen private hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange counties are in danger of bankruptcy or closure, according to hospital administrators, industry experts and state data. The revelation follows the closure of many community clinics and hospitals in recent years that has left the Southern California healthcare system overburdened. The latest batch of troubled hospitals account for up to 15 percent of beds in the region.

Among the hospitals in poor financial health are Downey Regional Medical Center, Centinela Freeman Health System in Inglewood, Brotman Medical Center in Culver City and Century City Doctors Hospital. Also included were four Orange County hospitals owned by Santa Ana-based Integrated Healthcare Holdings Inc. including Chapman Medical Center in Orange and Western Medical Center in Santa Ana, one of three trauma centers in the county.  The company said that its outlook has "significantly improved" since then and that the chain is not at risk of bankruptcy. On Friday, Integrated submitted a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission saying it had tentatively secured a $140-million line of credit.

More than 70 community hospitals have closed across the state since 1996. Of that, more than 50 were in Southern California. Regionally, 14 emergency rooms have closed in the last five years, including 10 in Los Angeles County.

San Jose Mercury News - Two dozen SoCal hospitals in financial jeopardy


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