Good article on the use of One Note...Part of the Microsoft Office Suite...this is something I use all the time to keep notes on all my meetings with clients...and when I need to find a note from a past meeting, I can simply do a query to find the will search my notes that were saved in ink, in other words it searches my handwriting...this articles talks about the many ways a notebook and tablet can be used for notes..with One Note being the top candidate for is by far the easiest...

Did you know physicians can also use One Note for charting?  Students, Lawyers, etc. anyone who takes notes can use One Note.  Take a look at the One Note Add On for physicians from the Ablet Factory...great for the small practice..and very affordable..BD 

Microsoft OneNote In my 6 months of use in classes of all types, I have yet to find something that OneNote hasnt been able to handle (certainly when compared to all other programs). OneNote does quite a few nice things. First, it features all of the formatting options that are commonly used by note takers, including bullets, lists, fonts, and more. . Also, not only can OneNote handle basic shapes for drawings, OneNote is fully compatible with Ink based notes (from either a Tablet PC or from a writing tablet). This opens doors for people that might not otherwise consider using their computers for notes. For instance, I use OOneNote for engineering and math classes, which would otherwise be nearly impossible on a computer. One more thing that is invaluable is OneNotes search abilities. You can quickly and easily search through your notes, it will search the text, ink, and for words in a picture. This quick access makes OneNote my choice for notes.

How to Take Notes on Your Notebook (Computer)


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