Folks in the UK have a new way to access medical assistance...via a 3G cell does not replace having a regular primary care MD, but it does cost...35 pounds per consultation...and accepts credit cards, pay pal, etc.  It also offers the opportunity to create a personal health record prescriptions given here.  Once you have completed your Medical Questionnaire your answers will be sent for review by a registered Medical Doctor who is insured to practice by the Medical Defence Union or Medical Protection Society.  Video conferences should be started within 1 hour of the request and are 24/7...365 days a year...and if you miss you call after 2- attempts, you will have a cancellation fee of 15 pounds.  The service will not give you a sick note or medical certificate for work..and the service states the report "is not a legal document that can excuse you from work"...

Interesting concept...lots of questions though...I'm not quite sure that using Dr. Google in referencing some areas might not be just as good.  The service is not affiliated with the NHS.  BD 

3G Doctor does not seek to replace your family doctor. We expect patients to be able to appreciate that only through a registered family doctor can the best possible care be provided. 3G Doctor has been created to meet the new and emerging needs of patients - needs that have largely evolved through advances in consumer technology and patient interest in self care.

The 3G Doctor website and the services within it can be used anywhere you can get access to the Internet on a PC or mobile phone. To make 3G Video consults with our Doctors you will need to be within good reception of an UK or Irish 3G cellular signal.


  1. Thanks for the mention.

    I hope i can answer your questions:

    We agree that Dr Google can indeed be very helpful to people looking for health information when online however this service is designed for use with a mobile phone where the limitations of small screen and less familiar interface need to be managed.

    Not only do more people have a mobile but access to this device is much more personal (very few people share a mobile) than a PC and this can be important if you are away from your home, want to discuss something very private or just don't want to restrict yourself by having to wait by the PC for advice.

    Although the service is not affiliated with the NHS we do have plans underway to integrate with NHS GP offerings and enable patients to access our Doctors and pervasive mobile care programmes as a supplement to the care they recieve from their NHS GP.

    I hope this is of help but if you have any other questions please feel very welcome to contact me at

  2. Thank you for the information in your post. It will be interesting to follow your progress in the UK to see how this can grow and provide additional health resources, we all learn from one another.


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