Prediction for more of the same...more cuts to standard Medicare and pumping more money in to private plans from the President...years ago Medicare was professed as being doomed and inefficient, but look what we have now...back then we didn't have anything to compare with, but we sure have the grounds for comparison by today's standards...BD 

In anticipation of the President's State of the Union Address on Monday, Judith Stein, Center for Medicare Advocacy Executive Director, calls for an economic stimulus package that will help the nation's seniors, disabled people and taxpayers.
"To help taxpayers in the long-term, the president should redirect the $150 billion in subsidies to private health plans that undermine traditional Medicare, threaten Medicare's financial viability, and burden taxpayers," says Stein. "Instead of giving $150 billion to corporations, give it back to taxpayers."
According to Stein, "Although the proposed economic rebates will help some seniors and taxpayers, support for traditional Medicare would truly help all. Traditional Medicare covers beneficiaries in an easily accessible, cost-effective program wherever they get sick or injured."
"Private Medicare plans don't work as well as traditional Medicare for most people, and end up costing taxpayers more money - at least $150 billion more over the next nine years," says Stein. "Instead of putting subsidies into industry coffers, use that money to help seniors and taxpayers."

Center For Medicare Advocacy Calls For Support For Traditional Medicarein Anticipation Of The State Of The Union, USA


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