Felt a need to mention this site relative to concerns about identity theft...another good reason these days not to use pirated software as it's a big more dangerous than it has been in years past..used to just be viruses...but now you could get a bot net in the process too...there's a reason for the madness on the other side with those wanting to do more than just give you some free software.  The link has several videos outlining some of the dangers....BD 

Counterfeit Confidential highlights the business risks of downloading and using imagecounterfeit or pirated software. Buying software online increases the potential for identity theft, loss of critical business data, and employee downtime – it’s just not worth the risk. Find out how to protect your business from counterfeit software.

Black Market Blues depicts the risks of purchasing and using counterfeit or pirated software from outside of mainstream channels. See how dealing with unknown sources can have dire results at home or in the office, and learn what you can do to avoid the consequences.



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