RFID is growing and showing up everywhere for tracking and offering time saving solutions.  There's also a new UMPC that has a modular RFID reader that can be attached to work with several RFID systems....read more here... video from CES show from GBM...and posted at the top side of the information column here...more new advances with RFID in Health Care....BD 

GEimage Healthcare announced a predominantly battery-operated radio frequency ID (RFID) tracking system in partnership with CenTrak, Inc. of Newtown, PA. The new asset optimization solution, an innovative introduction to the marketplace, will enable healthcare facilities to reduce installation barriers and costs, compared to current RFID  systems, thereby serving them to maximize return-on-investment (ROI) potential. In addition, the solution's ability to accurately view locations at the room-level will enhance a hospital's operational efficiency and improve overall patient care.

GE Healthcare Teams With Centrak To Introduce Battery-Based RFID Asset Optimization Solution

CenTrak Web site


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