Bluetooth...coming to a prosthetic device near you soon.....this is the same technology used in your cell phone...years ago I used to wonder if Bluetooth would every find it's has done that and then the video....great help for injured veterans and the Bluetooth legs enable him to walk farther and longer....BD 

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua Bleill lost both his legs above the knees when a bomb exploded under his Humvee while on patrol in Iraq on October 15, 2006. He has 32 pins in his hip and a 6-inch screw holding his pelvis together.image

Bleill's set of prosthetics have Bluetooth receivers strapped to the ankle area. The Bluetooth device on each leg tells the other leg what it's doing, how it's moving, whether walking, standing or climbing steps, for example.  Because of built-in motors, the Bluetooth legs allow Bleill to walk longer before he tires.  Aside from the Bluetooth technology, Bleill's legs have one other thing in common with a cell phone. They need to be charged overnight. Currently, there are no spare batteries available.

Double amputee walks again due to Bluetooth -

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