Not only for health care but also being used for developing technology, such as cell phone, and computer chips as well...this is one big powerful microscope!  BD 

A unique electron microscope, the first of its kind in the world, was unveiled imageyesterday at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory in Warrington. It will enable scientists to study atoms within materials in a way that has never before been possible and will pave the way for pioneering research relating to every aspect of our lives, from research into liver disease, to the creation of the mobile phones and computers of the future. Sponsored by the EPSRC and led by the University of Liverpool, the SuperSTEM 2 has been created by a collaboration of leading scientists from the universities of Liverpool, Glasgow and Leeds and the Daresbury Laboratory.

The SuperSTEM 2 is now being applied to a whole raft of projects, including medical research to achieve a deeper understanding of liver disease. It is also being used in the future development of mountain bike tires and the next generation of computer chips in the quest to make smaller, yet more powerful, computers and mobile phones.

The Many Uses For The New Electron Microscope Include Medical Research Into Liver Disease


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