In my travels and in communicating with folks at various levels of health care, the one thing that somewhat continues to boggle my mind a bit is the "stereo typing" of a Tablet Computer.  In other words when having conversations with executives and others in management, they all seem to be of the opinion that "tablets are for doctors", when in fact mobility and the use of Tablet computers can be beneficial to anyone. 

I get a little bit of everything out there including executives that look at me like I am "Lucifer" walking with that "thing" again, you know that "tablet" thing.  Now I have to ask a big question here, what executive does not sit in meetings and takes notes?  I truly don't think you will find one that does not participate in meetings, daily, weekly or whatever, so I ask this question...why do they continue to carry around the old yellow legal pad?  Does one not image have to refer to notes from prior meetings occasionally, or perhaps even quite frequently?  Why does one put themselves through the time staking effort of having to refer to a stack of legal notepads when something as simple as One Note can make such a task very simple.  If you search around this blog, you can find plenty of information about tablets and also about on One Note.  

I use a tablet in my travels and I can't tell you the amount of time it has saved me, not only that, but I am not wasting valuable time with having to "get back" with folks by having to manually go through a ton of legal paper pads to find it.  I simply write in a quick query and One Note finds everything in reference to the keyword in about 30 seconds or I ask, what is this fascination with digging up paper notes?  Do top executives who are focused on ROI  realize they are contributing to the cause along the line here?  What is this stereo type that administrators feel that "tablets are only for imagedoctors"?  Is it a bit of "old dogs not wanting to learn new tricks"?  

One other small thought here too is that if the folks at the top embrace and use technology, you know it just might be a whole lot easier to get the rest (including the doctors) to buy in too.  How in the world do you think Bill Gates keeps all his information together...thus the brain child of the Tablet PC too...I'm sure years ago he too had to figure there was a better way of doing all of this if you stop and think about it. 

A little mobility and technology can save a lot of time and not only that, it can set a precedence for others to embrace the same....could be catchy?  Lawyers are getting it...and they have to electronically file documents anyway in most parts of the country...take a look at this blog about how this attorney is cashing in and he even does some videos...and there's even templates at he One Note site to download to make it easy...and there are templates for all types of notes...

imageStudents get it....look at this site whereby Tablets and their functionality are discussed...great tool for school....and some school even give them out to students...many stories on this evolving every day from 5th graders up to college.  

Engineers get it.....another great site....Plumbers get more well as other again I have to ask...why are Executives and Administrators so slow to jump on the bandwagon in health care? It's a wise investment that will not only be help to your own efforts, but you will find yourself helping to create a better image bottom line for your organization and set the tone for how your organization embraces technology and discussions with your IT department can also become much more meaningful with even the simplest understanding and use of mobility and using a Tablet PC. 

Why don't Health care executives get it?


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