The article states it's not a bad idea to ask your nurse or doctor to wash their hands...patient life we can all use someone or something to occasionally remind us as we all get busy and sometimes forget...something none of us should take offense to...BD 

It’s a question no hospital patient should have to ask: “Hey, doc, did you wash your hands?” image

But in an era of rising rates of drug-resistant infections and overburdened medical staffs, hygiene experts say the best-protected patients are those willing to take safety into their own hands — by asking health workers to wash theirs.

Doctors, nurses and other hospital staffer too busy, too distracted — or, sometimes, too arrogant — to wash up are the target of a growing movement aimed at cutting rates of hospital-acquired infections that kill nearly 100,000 people in the U.S. each year, according to federal estimates.

Hey, doc, wash your hands - Health care-


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