Can't function without it these days....especially in Health Care...and the good news is that higher management is becoming more aware of the ROI and value...BD  

The annual study, called "Provider Clinical Technology Expenditures 2007," found that nearly half of all hospital executive respondents are allocating 40% or more of their technology budget to clinical tools. The study concludes that by the end of 2008, more than 80% of facilities will have invested in applications, such as:image

  • Computerized physician order entry;
  • Digital medical imaging;
  • Electronic health records;
  • Medication management/electronic prescribing;
  • Mobile tools;
  • Patient care planning tools;
  • Patient documentation; and
  • Radio frequency identification devices/drug distribution.

Health Providers To Expand IT Adoption in 2008, Study Says - iHealthBeat


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