I guess this will be easier for the DEA to arrest a machine...well at least help put an end to the recent activity of yes it ok, or no it is not...and there is security so it's not like getting a bag of chips or a candy bar...and your picture is taken each time the machine is used...and there is a guard at the machine site....choice of 5 types...BD 

Vending machines have long been used to hawk everything from Skittles and sandwiches to juice and java, but now one is being used to offer a new product: medical marijuana. image

Not just anyone can pop some coins in and get some bud. The machine, developed by Los Angeles medical-marijuana dispensary owner Vincent Mehdizadeh, gives up to an ounce of pot per week only to preapproved patients.

It has a card swiper, a video camera that also takes a snapshot of any user and adds it to a database, and is protected by armed security guards. Beginning today, Mehdizadeh said, he will start fingerprinting patients who want to use the machine, which will dispense five types of marijuana: Platinum Kush, Fire O.G., Bubba Kush, Purple Kush and Wild Cherry.  

Los Angeles is not the only place where pot laws and enforcement have conflicted in recent years. In 2005, Denver city officials legalized marijuana in small amounts for adults 21 and older. But many Denverites were cited for marijuana possession because pot is still illegal under state and federal laws.

LA Daily News - Marijuana machines could be cure for inconvenience


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