Good advice here, especially if you are in Health Care, Google yourself once in a while to see what the anonymous world of the web has could be surprised and if you find it, the rest of the world can too...BD 

"It's more and more important to know what's out there about you," IRM's Kader said.IRM concentrates on how clients appear in a Google search because "unless you are a hermit, you will be googled," Schiwietz said.  Anonymity and strength in numbers are fueling the online attacks.image

"There are around 10,000 Google searches made each second, and googling is expected to double or triple because you will be able to do a search anywhere with a handheld device," Kader said. "The law doesn't allow victims to sue the site operators because they aren't writing this stuff," said Citron.  "People are increasingly basing their first impression on what they see on the Internet, but few go beyond the first five results on Google," said Kader.

Reputation managers step in against Internet thugs - Yahoo! News


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