Is this part of driving down lower prices?  Just like doctors offices they need 25 to 30 patients a day to pass the break even zone...otherwise no profit (sounds like a practice who sees many HMO patients)...Wal-Mart states they have not given up the idea and will look for a new clinic company to lease the existing space to.  Check Ups still holds the leases so perhaps they could sublet and recover some money to pay their employees who have not been compensated, but I guess that portion is left up to the legal side of things now...BD 

CheckUps, a start-up operator of walk-in medical clinics, has shut down 23 of the imageclinics operating in Wal-Mart stores in Florida and three other Southern states. 

CheckUps, based in New York, fell behind in paying its nurses and other vendors late last year, apparently running short of cash to meet its bills, according to a lawyer for one of its creditors.

Nurses arriving for work at the clinics on Jan. 18 found them to be closed.  Wal-Mart has leased space to about 80 clinics in stores across the country, including the CheckUps clinics now closed. They are all operated by independent firms, including 13 by RediClinics, a unit of Steven Case’s Revolution Health company, and two by hospital companies in Wisconsin and Florida.

Operator of Walk-In Clinics Shuts 23 Located in Wal-Mart Stores - New York Times


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