Lockport clearly pulled from behind and was able to get the community behind them...Sumter was imageway ahead in the race for quite a while, but community efforts and use of technology, to include finding class reunion folks through social networks and so on made this a success...the 2nd winner was Sumter...as Siemens donated an MRI for the hospital to add when the new facility is finished...nice ending for both hospitals...and goes to show what community support and a bit of technology can accomplish as well as the generosity of Siemens...BD  

Congratulations!  Lockport Hospital, Lockport, NY.mrrl1

Lockport Hospital is the recipient of a brand new MAGNETOM® ESSENZA – one of Siemens’ latest developments in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology.
Lockport won the MRI – worth approximately $800,000. Like most community hospitals in this country, Lockport has struggled with how to afford a state-of-the-art MRI machine.
With this new MAGNETOM ESSENZA, Lockport will be able to expand the diagnostic care that it can provide to its community, better addressing their healthcare needs.


The community of 42,000 on the Erie Canal managed to swing enough votes toward its hospital in an online contest to win an $800,000 MRI machine.

George Fritz, owner of Mills Jewelers on Lockport's Main Street, found a trove of voters in his e-mail contacts, not just customers but names compiled for a class reunion he organized, and from his volunteer work at the Palace Theatre.

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