Not something all of us will have to deal with, but what about those that do and it could happen to any of us with an accident as an example...back to who's going to pay the this similar to exceeding one's credit limit?  BD

The predicament of those who burst through lifetime insurance caps is largely ignored in the debate about overhauling the U.S. health-care system, which focuses mainly on improving access to insurance at a time when a record 47 million people lack coverage. But the new political appetite for reform is one reason the National Hemophilia Foundation has decided to revive a lobbying effort, previously pursued in the 1990s, to significantly increase the caps, said Glenn Mones, the group's vice president for public policy.

"We decided this year to start pushing it more vigorously again," Mones said. "The majority of people who have private insurance don't have super-low caps, but there are enough of them for it to be a problem. . . . Where you really have a problem is the people who have the $1 million and $2 million caps, especially if they develop complications. It's something that we have to pay a lot of attention to."

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